Pi Day Was Fun

Pi Day was Mar 14. Get it? 3-14-23. In case you don’t know what Pi really comes from…stay tuned. Back in the 1700s, or some say in the 1500s, many mathy discoveries were being made. One of those was the ratio of the distance around a circle and it’s diameter. That ratio kept coming out the same. 22:7. Or 3.14159…if you divide it out. They thought it was pretty amazing because it happened for every circle they tried.

Pi is also well known as 3.14. Many know that it isn’t exactly 3.14, but many don’t. The truth? The Circumference divided by the Diameter never comes out evenly and it is usually rounded off to 3.14. The decimals really go on forever…and forever…and forever. They never stop. They never fall into a pattern…it just contines to be random forever. So it is called an Irrational Number. More about that later.

For now, let’s eat pi!

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