Hello World!

Love it or hate it, math is a big thing and it’s not going anywhere. It puts rockets in space, it makes electric cars, and it makes money grow! Is it a mystery to you?

Did you know there are more than 15 million students taking math in high school right now in the USA? Are you one of them? Good chance you are. Do you like, or not like, math? What do you like or NOT like about it? Tell us. Is math hard for you? Do you have a lot of homework every night? How does your teacher help you? Do you have friends in your class? Do you like to work together? What time of day do you think it’s best to have math? Why?

Can you eat a snack in your math class? We can. How many students are in your class? We have 8-12. Can you use a graphing calculator or your phone on tests? We cannot bring phones, but we can use online graphing technologies. Are you sitting where you can see the board in your class? Make sure you are. Does your class use books or is your curriculum online? Ours is online.

Just wondering…Join us. Write us back! Our email is realmathinaminute@hotmail.com. This is a safe place to share your thoughts. Be nice. TTYL!


Fellow High School Students

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