It’s All About Graphs

By Ziggy, 10th

Why are Graphs Important?

So you might be wondering why graphs matter, and I bet you are tired of constructing these annoying circle graphs, bar charts, line graphs, histograms, scatter plots, box and whisker plots, lines, and parabolas.  So much plotting and graphing!

Michael Florent van Langren started graphing with diagrams in 1644. Mr. Langren used his graphs to find the difference in longitudes, a very necessary skill back then. This was the first time we know of when a graph was used, but was certainly not the last. Now everyone from grade school kids to Silicon Valley billionaires all use these same graphs. It’s created a simple universal link from the beginning to now.

In conclusion, the uses of graphs as “pictures of numbers” is infinite. The time is now to learn to draw graphs and to read and interpret graphs. The need for statistical creators is growing year by year. So next time you think about graphs, think about how you could apply your knowledge to create a career.


  1. Well said, sir! As a math teacher, this inspires me to infuse my students’ work with more visual representations of their assignments. Graphs will be the perfect addition to my April curriculum! Keep up the good work! Kudos and thank you!

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