Speaking Of Squares

The “right brain” post (before this one) made me really think about squares. My left brain kicked in and started reciting facts:

*Squares are quadrilaterals with 4 rights angles and 4 sides congruent.

*The diagonals of a square are congruent.

*Are the diagonals of a square perpendicular? Do they intersect to form 4 more right angles? Yes, they do!

*A diagonal forms 2 congruent triangles. Each one is an isosceles right triangle.

*Two diagonals form 4 congruent triangles. They are also isosceles right triangles.

*We could go on and on……so let’s do.

*A square is also a rhombus.

*The area of a square is the length of a side squared.

*A square will tesselate a plane meaning squares will completely cover a plane with no overlaps and no gaps.

*All squares are similar.

*The angles of a square add up to 360 degrees.

*The diagonals of a square bisect each other.

*Sponge Bob wears square pants.

*Squaring a number is the opposite of taking the square root of the number.

*”Squares” is another name for cigarettes.

*A circle can be inscribe in a square. Each side of the square is tangent to the circle. The diameter of the circle equals the length of a side of the square.

*The psychological meaning of “square” is stability, balance, peace and calm.

Anything else?

Properties of quadrilaterals square


  1. Squaring a number is the reverse (specifically inverse) of square rooting a number. Opposite and inverse are equivalent only with addition and subtraction.

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