Line Segments And Triangles In Geometric Art

By from Germany

By is a wonderful German artist who uses geometry in many of his art pieces. The video is in German which makes it even more authentic. Just enjoy!

Grab a piece of printer paper and a marker and try a tree of your own.

Give yourself some parameters. Maybe use only equilateral triangles or choose scalene triangles. Maybe try it with all kinds of polygons, regular, concave, convex. Maybe inscribe tiny circles in each triangle. Maybe try a totally different piece using arcs instead of segments. Maybe use all circles. Make them with equal or unequal radii, some tangent, some intersecting. Maybe include some Venn diagrams.

Geometric Art is “good for us”. Why? Because we can all do it. Because it relieves stress. Because it is fun. A d it is much more fun if you share it!

Show us what you create. Post in the comments or email it to us. Our email is on the About Page.

You know math is everywhere you look. Train yourself to see it. Be aware! And then, maybe create it.

Danke Schon and thank you to for generously sharing his talent and imagination with all of us.

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