Earth Day 2023

That’s today!

So…here’s a math problem for you. The average Monarch Butterfly lives only 2-6 weeks. Not very long. If you Google this, you’ll find out the surprising reason why.

Given that a Monarch Butterfly visits 5,000 flowers a day, how many flowers would he potentially visit in his lifetime? Does a Monarch Butterfly have a mouth? If not, how does he eat? Where does his nutrition come from? The answers may surprise you. Comment below.

And then there is the Butterfly Theorem. It is quite complex, but fun to look at. If you are given the problem as marked, what else can you be sure of? Sketch it out and give it a try. List everything you can figure out using deductive reasoning.


  1. Mrs. RC here! Did you know there are some butterflies and moths that do not have mouths? Their lives are so brief (3-4 days) that a mouth and eating are not necessary! Their mission is to mate, lay eggs, then they die!

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  2. It’s pretty sad this butterfly only live a couple of weeks. I had no idea! I have always thought butterflies were some of the most beautiful insects.


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