If You Are Starting Algebra Next Year…

By Algebra 1 and 2 Classes

Our class is just finishing Algebra 1. This is our advice to you for next year.

Ava: “Take a lot of notes in math class. Also practice! It is difficult to learn and  understand math, but if you practice the material, then it will be easier to learn and remember it.” 

Hunter: “I guess my only advice is to look at the teacher when they are talking, even if they say copy this down. Just wait until they are done…trust me.” 🙂 

Sara says: “My advice to next year’s Alg 1 students is to do your work. Don’t fall behind on any work or your grade will drop. Practice your multiplication tables so you don’t have to use a calculator all the time. Try to learn how to do the work by yourself, then try in a group. Try different ways to get an answer with math.”

Rachel H. says:
“My advice to the next year Algebra 1 students is to pay attention. If you mess around during class time, you will probably fail the next test. Of course, always do your homework, and always try your best even if it’s hard. Also, always ask your teachers questions. Lots of times, people are afraid or embarrassed about asking questions. The more questions you ask your teacher, the better you understand. If you don’t understand a math concept, stay after class and your teacher will probably willingly help you. Always be respectful to your teachers, and even try to say thank you after class, because teachers appreciate students who are kind and respectful.”

From Ray H.: “Math has always been a hard subject for me to learn personally. However, this year has been really fun to learn. Some advice I would say to you newcomers? Don’t get behind. Please don’t get behind. Both of my math teachers have been so nice to me about getting caught up again, and I just wanna give them all the thanks in the world.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Teachers are here for their students, and there are very few, if any, teachers who are out to get you haha!

Last thing to remember: use a folder. It would’ve been a life saver! How many times I should have used a folder, but instead I just stuffed it in my backpack to get crumbled. That’s my advice, stay swaggy y’all newbies.” 

Jack says: “Don’t forget to do your work, and use Khan Academy.” 

From Shelby: “Make sure to keep up with your assignments and try to find a math book to study instead of all online. Try your best to pay attention in class and do your best.”

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