Math Notebooks: What Works Best?

By Algebra 1 and 2 Classes

I guess everyone knows you really need a math notebook. What kind works best for you? Spiral? 3-Ring Binder? Folder?

Aedyn: “A good math notebook is something that has wide ruled, college paper. A spiral notebook is a good example. It is large enough to actually do work in, and keeping it organized is a must as well.”

Ella: “I think an organized folder is best, but it’s different for everyone. What works for my classmate may not work for me. I try my best to keep my binder or folder decluttered, but it’s nearing the end of the year, so it’s looking a little rough at the moment.”

Bix: “I like using a 3-ring binder with a pocket. I can use the actual binder part to keep my notes and any hole punched work and reference sheets, and I can use the pocket to store any papers that haven’t been hole punched. I also like how convenient it is to take papers out of my binder when I need them, and then I am able to put them back in their place when I am done, unlike with a spiral notebook.”

Hunter: “I guess the best kind of notebook for math is a three-ring binder with your notes inside of it. Hole-punch your papers and put them in there.”

Ava: “Organization is important especially in math class, but organization looks different for everyone. A notebook to hold all of your notes and keep your worksheets together is important. How you choose to do it doesn’t matter as long as you have a system that works for you.”

Rachel: “I think the best kind of notebook for high school is probably a medium sized binder, not too big, but big enough to fit worksheets and tests you get back. Sometimes, it is helpful to have a math folder, too, where you can store old worksheets you don’t need to keep in your binder anymore. Lots of times binders can get full and break open when there is too much stuff in it.”

What do you think?

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