Am I In The Right Class?

By Ryan, 10th grader

My experience when it comes to math was weird. I went from Pre-Algebra to Geometry, and that was very difficult. I lacked the knowledge needed for Geometry and I almost failed!

Then I changed schools…

After moving schools, I was placed in Algebra 2 and that was also very difficult since I didn’t know the basics of Algebra 1. It took almost a whole semester for me to be moved to Algebra 1, and once I got there, I finally started doing well.

I’m finally passing math class and I now have a good grade.

So now I’m writing this blog post telling you that it is very important to always make sure you are in the right math class. It makes things so much easier.

This kind of problem usually happens when you change schools, especially if you move to another state or school system. If ever you think you might be in the wrong class, speak up right away. Don’t wait. See your counselor and check your records. You’ll be glad you did!


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