Binary Code

By Shelby, 9th Grader

Binary is the use of combinations of 1 and 0, or ON and OFF, used to represent or translate different numbers or letters.

A binary digit is called a bit and a strand of 8 bits is called a byte. Binary is a very simple code and is used in most modern devices to tell a system when, and when not to, run a line of code.

Same with numbers… if the value where the number is set as 0, then the value would be multiplied by 0. If the value is set as 1, then that number would be multiplied by 1 and will become the value of the number on the line.

These numbers can be set into a line, and whenever the number is represented, it is added to the total of the number in the problem; this is how you would make values that are greater than a form of ones and zeros.

Same is applied to letters. If you were to spell a word in binary you could either use a byte for each individual letter, or you could have a line of letter, and whenever that letter is represented, you would put the value one.

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