Exhibition Night: Geometry

Astrometry Art by Bix, 9th

Geometry class started in the classroom and ended up in outer space!

First, we went to the gym and found heights and angles of elevation using trig and the Pythagorean theorem.

Next, we used a movable laser on a tripod to solve triangles formed by walls and ceilings.

Then we took a big leap and explored stellar parallax.


We found a triangle represented by the Earth, the Sun, and a distant star.

Using trig and astronomical units, AUs, we could find the distance from Earth to the star.

Whenever you can construct a right triangle with some given information, you can use trig and the Pythagorean theorem to find the missing sides and angles….whether at your desk or in space.


  1. This is such an impressive display of geometry knowledge! Your exhibition night must have been a fantastic opportunity to showcase your understanding of the subject. The way you explained complex concepts with clarity and creativity is truly commendable. Keep up the excellent work and continue inspiring others with your passion for math. Well done!

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