What Is An Algorithm?

By Robyn, 11th Grader

 Algorithms, What are they?

We know Facebook, Instagram and Google use them.

But what are they really?

An algorithm is a plan used for solving a problem or performing an equation. It is a step-by-step process, like a formula. An algorithm is usually used to solve repetitive problems or situations. Like above, “Do this 4 times.”   It’s programmed into a computer, and the computer takes it from there.

How can we relate algorithms to the real world?

An example of a real-life algorithm is tying your shoes, something you do every day, exactly the same way.  There are a number of steps that result in a tied shoelace. You don’t think of it as a formula or steps, but your brain does. Other examples are the Facebook and Instagram algorithms. We hear about them a lot. Social media posters are always trying to figure out the newest algorithms.

Algorithm facts 

-algorithims help you analyze real world problems that occur over and over and try and solve them

-algorithim requires an input and an output (x and y). Input is the steps. Output is the result.

-you can have more than one output 

Google, Facebook and Instagram all use algorithms to choose what they promote.

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