Why Can’t You Divide By Zero

By Charlie, 11th Grader

From Math With Bad Drawings

Dividing by zero on a calculator causes an error, but why???

This happens because it creates an impossible or infinite result.

When we divide any number by zero, there is no way to determine a legitimate answer. Division is asking how many times one number goes into another number. When we divide a number by zero, we are asking how many times zero goes into the number, which is an impossible question to answer.

Dividing by zero leads to undefined results, and this is why it is considered an impossible operation in mathematics.

The best way to understand why you can’t divide by zero is to just try it. Use long division and try to divide 7 by 0. You will soon see why it won’t work.


  1. Charlie, this makes so much sense! I always wondered why it didn’t work when I tried to divide by zero. Thank you for your contribution.

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  2. This makes it so much more clear. When I tried to divide 7 by 0 it started off good, but then I realized it just kept going for infinity

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