Guest Post From England, U.K.

By Zan Nadeem from the UK.

Zan is a guest blogger from the other side of the world. Thank you, Zan, for sharing your good, mathy ideas with us and welcome to our blog!

Immediate Benefits of Short Bursts of Maths Practice

Very few people enjoy maths.

I think this is largely because of the way students are told how to DO maths.

‘Doing Maths’ usually consists of sitting in front of a text book, for what feels like hours. Spending those hours doing question after question on a topic that barely makes sense and hardly seems relevant.

Why would anyone find that fun??

It’s very hard to learn about something if the process or the topic are not enjoyable.

So how do you flip this around and make maths more exciting?

First: have a goal in mind.

This should be something small and specific, e.g.: I want to figure out how to find 10% of a number.

NOT: I want to learn percentages. That’s very vague and percentages is a large topic.

Second: Set a short time span to try and reach your goal. This could literally be 10 mins per day.

This makes it easier for you to be consistent and not procrastinate.  

And finally: Make it fun. Approach it like a puzzle that you are trying to solve and use whichever resources you enjoy the most: Videos, textbooks, ask someone etc.  

Work where you enjoy working: a cafe, your bed, your desk etc.

Approaching maths like this makes it more of a fun game, you can even make it into a social thing with your friends or family.

Finally, you can apply this when it comes to learning almost anything.

As babies, toddlers and young children we learned most things through play without even realising.

Learning is a continual process that can happen in any setting and any time and the best kind of learning happens when you are enjoying it 🙂

By Zan Nadeem

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