The Cube

By Ray, 9th Grader

Happy Cube

What is a cube?

Well, my fellow learners, A cube is a 6-sided square with 3D properties. Each side, called a face, is congruent. So length = width =height. The volume of a cubes is l times w times h and is written in cubic units.

The corners on this cube are called vertices. There are always 8 vertices on a cube. When two sides intersect (come together), that is called an edge. There are always 12 edges on a cube.

It is, sadly, unknown when a 3D cube was discovered and studied. However, there is a thing called ‘The Eleven Nets of a Cube’, which is something I recommend you take some time of your own to research!

Some of the first cubes in your life are the blocks you built towers with as a toddler. Did you ever have a Rubiks Cube… one of the top 10 toys worldwide? It is amazing how cool cubes can be and how practically the concept has evolved!

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